Theme Reveal – Blogging from A to Z

Today is the day for bloggers (1,152 participants as of this writing!) to reveal their chosen theme for the 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge. A theme isn’t required, and many bloggers choose not to have a theme, which is perfectly acceptable.

I’ve always picked a theme – it helps me maintain focus for the month of blog posts. And I have deliberately kept my posts short, as the idea of this event is to visit as many new blogs as possible.

This year I’ve titled my theme Listen Up! If you know me, you know I love travel, food, music, and literature. In 2012, I blogged about writers, essayists, lyricists, and poets. In 2013, it was Oh! The Places I’ve Been! And last year’s theme was Smile and Say…. (an alphabetical blog about cheese). This year we’ll visit musical instruments from A to Z, with a post each day except Sundays in April.

So I hope you’ll tune in! If you don’t already follow my blog, you can sign up right on the main page.



34 thoughts on “Theme Reveal – Blogging from A to Z

  1. I was going to do that too b/c the family has been in a lot of musical. Now they are professional ballet dancer’s. I don’t want to steal your idea. What should I do ??? Blessings ❀


  2. This is a great theme! It caught my eye on Alex Hurst’s roundup. Your past themes seem really interesting too (a whole month of cheese? sign me up!) and I’ll definitely be around in April for your A-Z.


  3. Paula, I always make sure I can cover those letters before I begin, because I know they can really derail the best intentions for a theme. I’m already thinking about next year and will probably lay it out (Excel spreadsheet) over the coming months. Either way, I hope you do it!


      1. Ok, couldn’t resist scrolling down – I’ve never heard of many of those. Sadly, in my childhood I was all too familiar with Velveeta though – can’t believe it still exists!


  4. Martha, you are a pro at this, but is there a way you can make your Comment, Leave a Reply easier to see/find? It is in small red type under the likes, which isn’t prominent. Since the point is to encourage comments, maybe something larger will help people who are in a hurry trying to read a lot of blogs. Just a thought.


    1. Hi Stepheny – And thank you for pointing that out to me. I work on a desktop with a huge monitor, so it’s not an issue. But I should be mindful that many people read blogs on a smaller mobile device. I don’t think I can change the theme now, since all the April posts have been written, but it’s something to consider. Perhaps it’s time for an update to the WordPress theme!


      1. Yeah I know but I wanted to try doing one as I really haven’t done it that way before I think it is always the letters X, Y and Z that make choosing a theme so hard lol


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