Let Your Heart be Light

Not easy sometimes, that’s for sure. A month filled with sorrow and grief, people divided, senseless acts of violence. How do you lighten a heavy heart during what should be a joyous season?

Stop. No, really. Stop. Still yourself. You have bought enough, baked enough, cleaned enough. Your holiday decorations are beautiful, last year’s sparkly sweater is still pretty and festive. With any luck, you’ve stuck to your budget, but if you overspent, okay. Stop now. It’s all enough.

Last week my friend Karen demonstrated to me the true meaning of Christmas, when she drove a hundred miles to take the ferry from Bridgeport, Connecticut to Long Island, NY. Then she drove to Save-a-Pet Animal Rescue and picked up Tiny Tim, a dog desperately in need of rescuing. Read Karen’s inspirational story.

Karen with Tim and Kimba
Karen with Tim and Kimba

Well, Karen brought Tim home, introduced him to her other rescue pup, Kimba, and helped him get settled in his new home. She kept him clean and comfortable overnight, but Tiny Tim crossed the Rainbow Bridge the next morning. Karen had known his time would be short, yet she put aside the frenzy of mall parking, crap-from-China shopping, over-thinking everything to rescue one of God’s vulnerable creatures. And then she wrote this achingly beautiful piece after he died.

Whether you assist an elderly neighbor, overtip the person who brings you breakfast in your favorite diner, smile at the frazzled department-store employee, dig a little deeper when the collection basket is passed your way, or whatever you can think of to brighten someone else’s day, even for a moment, believe me, your heart will be light.

Wishing you all the comfort and joy of this season, however you celebrate.


14 thoughts on “Let Your Heart be Light

  1. Beautiful post, Martha. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve spent most of the month wavering between “Let your heart be light” and “You’re a Bad One, Mr. Grinch”. My 91 yr. old mother was diagnosed in September with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy, but the cancer has now advanced and she’s been in and out of the hospital. It seems as if it’s one thing after another. And as an ‘only child’ (not really; my only sibling died of breast cancer nearly 20 years ago), I’m now feeling the full brunt of responsibility for my mother’s care resting on my shoulders. I waver between ‘thank God she’s survived this long’, only to five minutes later find myself grousing about having to do ‘one more thing’ that she suddenly remembered needs doing. My salvation? At least I do not bake, make candy, or do Christmas cards. And I need to remind myself that I’m doing what I can, one day at a time. I want to spend the time remaining with my mother, ‘letting my heart be light’…. No regrets. No ‘Miss Grinch’. Thank you for the reminder. Merry Christmas. xxoo


  2. Lovely, Martha. Everything you said is just so very true. I have been having a difficult time finding the proverbial “Christmas spirit” this year. I can’t really put my finger on it, so I just stopped trying to “fix it.” But reading about Karen’s journey with Tiny Tim and her beautiful story after he passed, just filled me with such warmth and love. AND THAT is what Christmas really is all about. ❤


  3. So true. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and miss out on the real meaning for the season. Wishing you and your family a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


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