Author Stroll

photo by Bookrhythm
photo by Bookrhythm

Here’s a chance to meet the authors featured in this month’s Kindle giveaway – yes, that includes me. Having won a Kindle from Bookrhythm back in June, I wanted to offer one of my ebooks for the current Kindle giveaway. CLICK HERE to enter the drawing!

So, I’ve answered a few questions…

Q: Who is your favorite character you’ve written?

A:  Probably Bernadette Maguire, the main character in my ‘chocolate’ trilogy.

Q: What book(s) are they in? 

A:  Readers meet a 20-year-old Bernadette in Chocolate for Breakfast, and by the end of the novel, she’s in her early 40s. The sequel, Chocolate Fondue, continues where the first book ended, and in Bittersweet Chocolate, Bernadette is around 50.

Q:  What is the setting of the book(s)?

A:  Chocolate for Breakfast takes place mostly in Fribourg, Switzerland (with trips to Holland and Austria), but also in Providence, Rhode Island.

Q:  List one fun fact about the book?

A:  The tiny attic room where Bernadette lives as a student (in Switzerland) is exactly the same as the room I lived in, while a student in Switzerland. Most of the rest of the book is all made up – yes, it’s a novel 🙂


43 thoughts on “Author Stroll

  1. Hi Martha, I’ve just woken up (yes I’m an Aussie) I love the name of your book Chocolate for Breakfast…so I’m going with that. Heading to the kitchen for some Tim Tams and a cup of coffee 😉


  2. Martha, I’ve just tweeted this post but I noticed that its your old twitter name and not your new one. I’m sure you mentioned a week or so ago on Facebook that you had a new Twitter handle? maybe I’m going nuts!! xxxx


  3. Happy to hear from someone who won previously. The stories look interesting and Iike you incorporated some of your own past into the tale.


  4. You should be proud of this series you have created and all the work it represents in the writing. I love my Kindle and in winning one, I’m sure you see the great benefits in owning one. Sending you a ‘well done’ notch for your belt!


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