A Time of Transition

photo M. Reynolds
photo M. Reynolds

You see the title of this blog, right? Martha Reynolds……writes.
Yeah, only not so much these days.

I was considered prolific after releasing five books in two years. And I agree, it was indeed an accomplishment. I wrote nearly every day, and am proud of the novels I’ve written and published.

A few months ago, I accepted a per diem position at a local agency, and have been working generally two or three days a week. I love it – not only for a little extra income (what? you mean I haven’t hit the bestseller list yet?), but because it gets me out of the house and among people – really nice people. Writing is a solitary experience, sometimes too solitary.

But working outside the house means not writing. Can’t do both, and this work is important. When I arrive back home, I’m usually not able to find the time to write. So, the holiday-themed romantic comedy that I’d hoped to have ready by November may not be ready. And that’s okay. Really. Because if I’ve learned anything over these past two years, it’s that rushing a book to publication always means disaster.

Meanwhile, we pack up summer and welcome autumn. This is my favorite time of year, even with the shorter days. Socks, fleece, the smell of wood fires burning. Soups and stews and nesting. It seems that the days fly past, don’t they? Better make each one count.

10 thoughts on “A Time of Transition

  1. Gotta agree with you Martha about rushing a book to publication. I almost did that with one work in progress, and decided to shelve it for about 4 months. Additional research and reflection will make the work in progress a much better book!


  2. I think you deserve a HUGE round of applause. Writing five books in two years is a massive achievement. Your description of autumn is so appealing, you’ve sold it to me. If you weren’t such a fine writer, I’d say why not consider a career in advertising! I hope you find time for your writing soon. Hugs galore, Lottie xxxxx


  3. For every season, there is a purpose. Sometimes the purpose isn’t writing. Hard to believe, I know. You are so wise to have figured this out and to not pressure yourself to try to do it all, all the time, in all seasons. There will be times for writing again. For now, I am glad to see you’re enjoying this time for what it is. Mmmm… soup.


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