8 x 7 = ……. 28 x 2 = …….

photo from www.cakespics.com
photo from http://www.cakespics.com

Okay, you get it. I’m not going to lie about my age – I mean, why? What’s the point?

So I’m 28 times 2. And I wouldn’t want to be 28 again, not if it meant making the same mistakes I made in 1986. Staying with a job I didn’t like, spending money I didn’t have, acquiescing when I should have stood my ground.

photo property of Martha Reynolds
photo property of Martha Reynolds

Here I am at 28, with my best college pal. Making a face for the camera because I hated having my picture taken. Still do.

Third grade Brown Avenue School
Third grade Brown Avenue School

8 x 7. Here I am at age 8 (dead center). I’d have one more year in this school before we moved to another town in Rhode Island. See the cute boy sitting in the front? I cut him out because I was mad at him. Then I taped him back in because I really liked him. I can name every one of these kids, but only because I’d written their names down right after we moved. I wouldn’t want to be 8 again, either, not today. 1966 was a much easier time to be a kid.

So there’s my birthday reflection for this year. I began this blog on my birthday, three years ago. At that time I hadn’t written a book yet, but I knew I would. Now I’ve written (and published) five of them, and they’re pretty good books. So I’ll repeat what I’ve said to many people over the past three years: “It’s never too late to pursue your dream.”

16 thoughts on “8 x 7 = ……. 28 x 2 = …….

  1. I always learn something new about you Martha with each tale you tell. Keep writing your way through life. It makes me happy to read your words. Have a wonderful year ahead young lady! Hugs~from NH!


  2. Age is just a number and there are good things still ahead. (Hopefully more books.) Hope you are having a wonderful birthday.


  3. Happy Birthday, Martha. Thank you for reminding me…. “It’s never too late to pursue your dreams.” I needed to hear that reminder as I try to find the courage to move farther away from shore and sail off to a new career.


  4. Happy Birthday, dearest Martha. You are an amazing lady, huge fun, and an inspiration to us all. May this next year be bursting with creativity, success and all good things for you – you deserve it! XXXXX


  5. Happy Birthday to you! Is that who I think it is in the picture at 28. You are a riot. And I love you more each day. πŸ˜‰

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