The Hard-Pressed Blogger

Iris downes

That April A to Z Challenge had me posting every day, but since then, I’ve been occupied with writing and editing my fifth novel. So…..not much blogging.

Best Seller will be released soon, I hope. By the end of June is my target, but edits take time. And then there’s the cover, and the formatting, and the uploading, and the distribution to my Review Crew.

Meanwhile, I have other news, something else to keep me from blogging more regularly! I’ve accepted a part-time job. It’s at a good place, and a few days a week, which works for me, but it does signify change. Change to the routine I’ve adopted over the past three years. It’ll probably force me to utilize my time better, which is a good thing.

I’ve always been in awe of my writer friends who create well-written novels while working full time. And being a mom. Really, all I do is write. And, you know, laundry and grocery shopping. So to balance a 20-something-hours-a-week job with trying to write another novel? I should be up to the task. At my prior job (the one that paid well and made me sick), I had nothing left for creativity when I came home. This time, I feel very positive about the future.

What makes you positive about the future? Is it your child’s graduation? The blossoming of those rhododendrons? Longer days and warmer temperatures? We’re surrounded by bad news and road rage and internet hostility, so where do you find your bliss? Here’s where I find mine:

VID00001P1000016market LuganoBI4 Entering Old Harborand, of course



9 thoughts on “The Hard-Pressed Blogger

  1. Just finished my first week of baby-sitting my grandson, so not much time for blogging here either. I’d settle for any of those pictures, but that chocolate looks very tempting.


  2. I find my bliss in each day in a job I am so blessed to have, in my fur babies and in my wonderful family. Loved the pictures. Oh my goodness I don’t know how you do all you do.


  3. Love those bliss pics! I find my bliss in the suffocating heat in my car after a day in an over-air-conditioned office. And listening to my kids talk and laugh together when they think nobody’s listening. And in writing, of course. And the beach, but since I’m land-locked, the others will have to do. Good luck with your new job. You’ll be great!


  4. That is an excellent question, where do we find bliss? Oh Martha, I’m a simple soul, I find bliss in many things. Anything from wolfing down a BIg Mac whilst driving at high speed down a motorway, to watching the seasons change. Nature, wildlife, birdsong, my family. Pete’s added a huge amount of bliss to my life. And, I’m about to pour myself a blissful glass of wine. Cheers to Bliss! xxx


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