Smile and Say……”Z” is for Zamorano



“Z” is for ZAMORANO

Creative Commons/Jon Sullivan
Creative Commons/Jon Sullivan


Zamorano is a famous Spanish sheep’s milk cheese made in the region of Castile-Leon, Zamora. This hard cheese takes almost 6 months to mature fully. It has a pale-yellow color with crumbly texture and contains 45% fat. The rind is rubbed with olive oil while maturing, giving it its dark color.

Zamorano has a buttery and nutty taste, which is served as a table cheese with white, red as well as Zinfandel wine. It gets its characteristic flavor because of the breed of sheep – the small, scruffy Churra and the Castilian sheep that produce milk.

Due to a distinctive zigzag pattern and cylindrical shape, Zamorano appears similar to Castellano or Manchego.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this alphabetical tour through cheeseland as much as I did!


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18 thoughts on “Smile and Say……”Z” is for Zamorano

  1. Wait. Oh, my gosh. A-Z for cheese?! You’re a ROCKSTAR. I hope you use this material in a novel. What an amazing collection of knowledge!! (Reminds me of the blog posts I ran for 30 days on my blog last April 2013 – all the writers “Got Cheesy” for National Grilled Cheese Month. So much fun.)

    Thanks for hopping along the Hump Day Blog Hop. I’m having a blast cruising around the blogosphere today!!


  2. I had no idea there was so much to know about cheese! Thank you for the informative and, I’m sure exhausting (!) posts!! Congrats on making it through the month – I definitely want to try it next year! xoxo


  3. I enjoyed receiving your email each morning reading about a new cheese many of which I had never heard of. Thank you for the interesting subject. I want to try all the new cheeses I read about. Thank You!


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