Smile and Say……”G” is for GRUYERE



I guess you can figure out my theme for the 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge. That’s right, it’s cheese!  I hope you enjoy these posts!

“G” is for GRUYERE

Photo by M. Reynolds
Photo by M. Reynolds

Same view, different seasons (and my photo is from 1979).

Now, you may recall that my “G” post last year was similar. Right! Last year, in my “Oh! The Places I’ve Been” theme, I listed the small village of Gruyères as my “G.”

Gruyere cheese is probably my favorite – yes, partly because it’s made in my beloved Switzerland, but its taste is so unique. It’s a good melting cheese, and you shouldn’t make a cheese fondue without using equal amounts of Emmanthaler (“Swiss”) and Gruyere cheeses (that’s known as moitié-moitié – half and half).

gruyere ch


13 thoughts on “Smile and Say……”G” is for GRUYERE

  1. Gorgeous place. Also, very interesting to connect the place with the cheese. Love melting cheese, and I’m sure this one, made in your beautiful Switzerland, is absolutely outstanding. Yuuuum! I’ll be sure to look for it next time I visit. Thanks, Martha.
    Silvia @


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