Smile and Say……”A” is for ASIAGO


I guess you can figure out my theme for the 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge. That’s right, it’s cheese! In 2012, my theme was authors, poets, essayists, songwriters. That was fun. Last year, my theme was titled “Oh! The Places I’ve Been.” Had a great time doing that one. So what made me choose cheese? I wanted to do something food-related. Thought about chocolate, of course. It’s so Swiss. But so is cheese. I did some research, and cheese won. I hope you enjoy these posts!

“A” is for ASIAGO

It’s Italian. It comes from a cow. And it can be smooth or crumbly, depending on how long it’s aged. A little like Parmesan, but stronger in smell and flavor. And of late, found in everything from pasta to bagels.

There’s a town called Asiago in the northeastern part of Italy (ten o’clock from Venice) – near the equally-tiny towns of Valdobbiadene and Bassano del Grappa. That’s where the original Asiago cheese comes from. What a beautiful place! I want to go. Now.

The next time you savor Asiago cheese, thank the cows who munch on the good clean grasses of the plateau and valley regions for producing such an excellent milk!

27 thoughts on “Smile and Say……”A” is for ASIAGO

  1. Martha,
    Very ambitious with a theme! I like how you tie in geography. I know very little about cheese so I look forward to your blogs and hopefully learning something, or it’s going to be a long 22 days until that proverbial block of Velveeta hits me in the head! (Can I say that?). Zulu Delta


  2. I love cheese. Oh, yes. I try to watch the amount I eat, but I could eat it with anything or in any type of dish. As an appetizer, I especially enjoy Monterey Jack cheese and tomato slices. Asiago, too, so good.
    Silvia @


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