I’ve Grown Accustomed to the Fleece


It will come to an end, and likely soon. After all, we’re nearly at April in southern New England, and even though early April has been wintry in the past (remember the April Fool’s Day blizzard?), we march out of March and straight into spring.

Since October, I’ve been wearing fleece. Every day. Every blasted freezing day. Better than a sweater, in my opinion, and it’s great for layering. Like when you need to wear two tee shirts and a shirt under that fleece. I’m going to have withdrawal symptoms.

There will be a day, soon, when the temperature rises, to the mid-60’s, perhaps, and I’ll see folks in shorts and tees, unable to wait any longer for spring and summer. Yeah, they rush the season, but they’re young (mostly) and should be forgiven. When I was a college freshman in Providence, I made a trip home at the end of April and relinquished all my winter clothes. There were only a few weeks left to the semester and I wouldn’t need them.

And then it snowed. Yep, in May. In Providence. Seven inches of snow! I had sandals, and jeans, and one cardigan sweater. Nothing more. Certainly no fleece. But the snow melted and the daffodils sprang back to life.

Onto warmer weather. And fleece? Time to pack it away! I’ll leave one within reach, though.

10 thoughts on “I’ve Grown Accustomed to the Fleece

  1. It’s definitely a fleece day here. While London basks in 20c we are watching our breath come out in clouds (inside the house) it’s 6c here (Southern Spain) Having said that, we’ve enjoyed some glorious days in the past few weeks. Must be some sort of weather version of a ‘bad hair day’. Roll on Spring proper 😀


  2. I can totally relate Martha. I love my fleece and I did the same thing Freshman year. I remember the snow and ice in May. Thanks for this blog. Spring is almost here. The daffodils are about to bloom in my garden.


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