First Day of Spring

Montreux in March - photo by M. Reynolds
Montreux in March – photo by M. Reynolds

By the calendar, anyway. Who knows? My husband told me this morning we may have a snowstorm next week. (Can you hear me screaming?)

My last few posts have been more somber, I realize. That was intentional. It’s been a rough month so far. My father-in-law hates this month; after all, he lost his father and his wife on March 18th, in 1968 and 1993, respectively. And I’m beginning to think he may be right about March. The brother of a dear friend, a college pal, and a former boss, all have passed this month, all around the same age (58,57, 60).

And yet here we are, on the first day of spring. Rebirth, regeneration, and hope.

“Spring is God’s way of saying, ‘One more time!'” — Robert Orben

Note: I’m preparing for the April “A to Z Blogging Challenge,” so this will likely be the past post until April 1. I hope you’ll join me for my alphabetical posts all month long (except Sundays).

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