Life is Hard. Life is Beautiful.

This past Friday, I attended the funeral service for a 58-year-old man who had lived with a brain tumor for ten years. And now I know yet another widow who will not have the chance to grow old with her best friend.

We may have more snow on Wednesday. As if this winter hasn’t beaten us down enough. March will not slip into spring, not without one last roar, apparently. Cities and towns have run out of salt, have depleted their snow budgets long ago. We’re going broke paying for heat. Our roads are falling apart. School may last until July at this point, with so many cancelled days. I’ve ingested too many carbs this winter, trying to find comfort in a bowl of macaroni and cheese.

Depression is all around. Whether it’s because of aging, menopause, winter, unemployment, lost love, or the feeling that time is slipping through our fingers, it can be a struggle to get up each morning and just live. I get it. I see it in my friends, I listen to it. People I love are suffering.

Locarno - photo by M. Reynolds

Locarno – photo by M. Reynolds

The snow will melt. It will feed the rivers. Life will burst forth – not yet, but soon. New life means hope. Hope brings light to darkness. It covers cold with warmth. It vanquishes dread and despair. Hope is joy. Joy is laughter. Life is beautiful.



A few days ago, I had to bring my two daughters to the funeral of one of their friends: a 16-year-old girl, at the start of her life, who collapsed after running a half marathon. The sadness we all feel for her and for her family is almost too much. And then, the call for more snow. Your beautiful post captured my feelings precisely. Thank you.

Wow, exactly what I needed to hear today and beautifully expressed, Martha. Thank you, my friend.

Beautiful thoughts. We all need be reminded to look past the current circumstances and to the hope of the future.

Positive thoughts are always welcome it was a breath of inspiration. Spring is on its way.

Sadness and joy in one post – beautifully written.

I needed that today! Thank you!

Thanks for this – beautifully written tonic on a gray Monday!

Thanks for the pep talk! Life IS beautiful. And maybe because it can be so hard, that’s what makes it so rewarding.

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