Snow Fatigue

Another 5-8″ this afternoon into tonight. And we’re only halfway through February! Now, if you know me, you know I prefer cold weather to the heat and humidity of summer. But cold, dry weather is one thing. The trifecta of snow, ice, and freezing rain is a completely different nightmare.

We’re all tired of it. I see it on the faces of moms in the supermarket, preparing for another day of no school. I see it in the face of my little dog, who does not like squatting on ice! I see it on my car, splattered with salt and sand, even after a thorough washing.

And then I pause, remembering our ancestors, who did not have electric blankets, Thinsulate, Ugg boots, clothes dryers, or TheraFlu. They made it through harsh winters, and never complained on social media! But isn’t that part of the fun? We post photos and videos as a way of coping.

And we know that this never-ending season, this winter filled with discontent, will melt away under the sun. Eventually.


14 thoughts on “Snow Fatigue

  1. I love that expression – Snow fatigue – It sounds like the snow needs to go to bed. I guess by melting it would get the rest it needs, and it would help you to have a rest from it.


  2. These are the days “true spring” is built from. The days to come starting off into nowhere, thinking about playing “hooky’ from work, the smell of fresh cut grass, a walk to the ice cream stand. Enjoy it well you can; they are the foundations of happiness. (Kill me if I ever write anythings as corny as this again!).


  3. Very nicely put, Martha. I’m sitting here on the couch looking out my bay window thinking how lovely it is to look at on the trees and as it comes down but then I also remember I do not have to leave the house for any reason so I CAN enjoy watching it. BUT I too, have had enough, MORE than enough. I’ve already begun planning summer outings!


    1. I’m housebound today, Donna, as Jim has the car with the all-wheel drive and I won’t drive his truck. But I don’t mind – really, who wants to be out in this?! So I write, I cook, I read. I turn the calendar pages and wish. 🙂


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