No More First Dates

Our first telephone conversation:

Him: “Would you like to meet for lunch?”

Me: “Sure, that sounds good.” (Lunch for a first date is a good idea. After an hour, I’d have to get back to work)

Him: “How about this coming Monday?”

Me: “What are you, crazy?”


(Oops. I should explain)

Me: “I mean, this Monday is Valentine’s Day. That’s a lot of pressure for a first date.”

Him: “Would Friday be better for you?”

Me: “Yeah, Friday works.”

And so we met for lunch on the Friday after Valentine’s Day. No pressure. And this time, after countless bad dates and failed relationships, this time it took. Twenty years after that first date, each day is (still) Valentine’s Day with him.

photo by M. Reynolds
photo by M. Reynolds

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