10 Things About Me You May Not Know


A lot of my friends have been playing this “game” on Facebook in the past few days, posting things about themselves that others may or may not know. Someone assigns them a number (usually between five and fourteen), and that’s how many items they list. I chose five for myself, although others suggested eight, or ten, or twelve. Five was hard enough! But since I’m reposting, I’ll add five more here. First, the original five:

5 Things About Me You May Not Know:

  1. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 28. My friend Connie Joyce and I each made a New Year’s resolution that year. She had her ears pierced and I said I’d learn to drive. Up until then, I’d been okay not driving. Well, it was an inconvenience at times. I walked a lot. I chose an apartment close to work. In high school, my mother was involved in a bad car accident with two trailer trucks, and I know it kept me from learning for a long time. Connie’s husband Marty taught me to drive in his Oldsmobile Cutlass. He made me drive through the Hoot ‘n’ Holler Bridge in Central Falls, a narrow pass-through barely wide enough for one car (honk your horn at the blind curve entrance to announce your arrival). By the way, even with my driver’s license, I waited another three years to buy a car.
  2. I chose Music as my college major (piano), until I heard fellow freshman Rosemary Murray play “Rhapsody in Blue.” I was so intimidated I switched my major to Theatre. Then I walked into an Oral Interpretation class and was so intimidated by the students who knew each other well, and they did look at me as if I didn’t belong there. At least that was my perception. So I switched to English. Glad I did – my professors were the best.
  3. My first novel is fiction, as novels are. I did not lose my virginity to a married Swiss banker, bear his child, and give him up for adoption. (But thank you for finding it real enough to think so). All of my books are fiction! Sure, I draw on some personal experiences, but more than that, I draw on emotion.
  4. I went to a psychic in 1992, who asked me repeatedly who ‘James’ was. The only person I could think of was my Uncle Butch. I didn’t meet Jim until February 1994. Actually, I remember bringing with me three photographs that day: three different men. I knew that two of them were not meant for me (she confirmed that, dubbing one of them the true snake he was, dismissing the other one with a shake of her head). When I showed her the third photograph, she laughed and said, “Well, I can see where you’d be smitten with this one. If I were twenty years younger, I’d be smitten, too. But he’ll only make you cry.”
  5. I’m a lot shyer than most people think. And I panic at the thought of walking into a room where I don’t know anyone.

Okay, five more.

  1. Two weeks after I got engaged, I was hit by an eighteen-wheeler on Route 95. I was driving to work, and as my car spun across four lanes, all I could think was, “Finally I get a ring on my finger and now I’m going to die.”
  2. I’m actually not afraid to die. Not ready to go just yet, but also not afraid of what comes after this life. Just hoping there’s still time to mend a few fences. And write a few more books.
  3. I don’t want to be famous. All I want is to write really good books. And if I sell enough books to pay the bills, I’ll be happy. Truly. I enjoy my quiet life.
  4. I will not eat beets, peas, or asparagus. I know, they’re all good for me. I keep thinking I should give beets another try – after all, my experience with them consists of the canned variety. And my sister loved them. With vinegar. Ugh. So maybe I should get some fresh beets and be adult about this thing.
  5. I don’t deserve my husband. He’s one of the kindest, most understanding and compassionate people I’ve ever known. And he puts up with me.

If you comment, give me just ONE thing I probably don’t know about you!

14 thoughts on “10 Things About Me You May Not Know

  1. I get nervous when I cross the street when walking. Sometimes, I will wave to the car to go and will cross when there are no cars in sight. I’ve been hit two times –once walking at a green light and once when riding my bicycle.


  2. Something you don’t know about me…everytime i get a blog award and have to think of 7 things to tell people or answer this question anywhere else I get in a real panic because I can’t believe anyone would really find trivia about me interesting


  3. I had seen your first five Martha, and the second five are really wonderful! Funny how a social media “game” can open our eyes to even the people we thought we knew. I do believe your second #3 and fully concur. But try the beets; roasted, they are just lovely! Now, something you didn’t know about me…. I am often incredibly self conscious – nearly to the point of paralysis.


  4. Martha, I don’t think you know that I met Barbara in kindergarten. If you do, then I’ll give you another. The only movie that ever made me cry was Elephant Man. In some ways, I think I identified with it. 🙂


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