Bittersweet Chocolate

I’m working on edits this weekend for the third and final book in the series. I’ll be honest, when I started writing “Chocolate for Breakfast” in 2011, I never intended to write two more in the series, but I thought “Chocolate Fondue” was a necessary follow-up. And when you have two books published that are sequential, it just seems that a third is in order.

We join the characters in late 2008, and I’m trying to tell much of the story from the perspectives of the men: Karl Berset, Jean-Michel Eicher, Gary Baptista. It’s a little more of a challenge, because I tend to see things through Bernadette’s eyes. There’s sorrow and strife; the way life goes. People age, people get sick. And people die. But when there’s despair, there must be hope. I try to keep this in mind as I write.

Jim Rosemergy says: “Despair is a part of the human experience. No one escapes the sorrow it brings. For instance, if we tend to blame other people for our place in life, anger will rise from the shadows of our souls and then call its companions: bitterness and resentment. Hatred may even appear. However, not all of despair’s companions are barriers to our transformation. Wherever there is despair, hope is close at hand, and wherever there is hope, faith stands in readiness prepared to build a bridge to a new way of being and living.”

In closing out a series, I try to remember to give the reader a satisfactory resolution to the situations I’d created. I hope I’ve achieved it here.

So you want to see the cover? I really like it. Thanks to Lyn Stanzione of StanzAlone Design for coming through again, as always. The book should be ready by the end of next month (fingers crossed!).


17 thoughts on “Bittersweet Chocolate

  1. Hi Martha , I read your new book ( BITTERSWEET ) last week Sorry I didn’t send this reply sooner. I could not stop reading it until I finished it . I took the whole day after thanksging to read it all. I so thoroughly enjoyed it . You sure know how to tell a great story . Congratulations ! Looking forward to your next book. Mary Lou Leddy


  2. Martha, the cover is lovely. I am so happy to hear the book will be coming out soon. I,m so looking forward to reading it.


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