This Past Week

What a week, right? Ups and downs, plenty of uncertainty.

govt shutdown

A week ago most people still thought there’d be no issue regarding the shutdown, the debt ceiling, and that so-called cliff. Yes, we have a three-month respite. Other countries can’t fathom that our elected representatives are so petty and ego-driven that they don’t know the word ‘compromise.’ Living in uncertainty. Stress-inducing and it continues.

A day trip to the city of New Bedford on Wednesday. What a pleasant surprise! The New Bedford Whaling Museum is a gem! It’s large, bright, spotless. Friendly and helpful staff, and enough history and artifacts to fill an entire day (at least). The city is clean and navigable, meaning plenty of parking (we went during the week). Shops and restaurants are within walking distance.


Met up with my friend Lynne Radiches, who has agreed to narrate my books! I’m very excited about this, because Lynne is excellent, and we’re both reap the benefits. Adding your book as an audiobook, through ACX, is a no-brainer, and won’t cost you a cent if you opt for shared royalty payments.

My sister is in London! She and a friend flew out last evening. I’m envious, although we spent a wonderful ten days in London about fourteen years ago. There’s just so much to do that a week isn’t long enough (and they’re making a side trip to Edinburgh, too). Next time I go, I want to visit Downton Abbey.

bad reviews

I know that some authors will give good book reviews to other authors, even if they disliked the book (or sometimes even if they didn’t read the book!). But I learned that some writers give a good review because the author is presently reading your book, and you don’t want to risk getting a bad “revenge review.” Seriously??


I love T’s Restaurant in East Greenwich – it’s my go-to place for meeting friends, and never disappoints. Last weekend it was breakfast with my high school (and loyal reader) Nancy, and yesterday it was breakfast with my fab cousins Becky and Cindy. They were the cool cousins when I was a kid, but age gaps shrink as you, well, as you age. I love them both, and we had a lovely time over coffee, omelets, and pumpkin pancakes.


And finally, our beloved Red Sox are once again headed to the World Series! Go Sox!

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