Not a Sad Cafe for Us

I was a fan of The Eagles in college; I mean, “Hotel California” was in just about every dorm room. This song, though, “The Sad Café,” was unknown to me until I heard it on a compilation CD that was released in 1993. The last song on the disc, “The Sad Café,” is sung by country singer Lorrie Morgan. It reminded me a lot of a place in Switzerland, the Café du Chemin de Fer on the Route Arsenaux in Fribourg. This is a photograph of the proprietors of that café – Marcel and Marie. (1979)

photo by M. Reynolds
photo by M. Reynolds

That café is no longer in existence – in its place is an Indian restaurant.

“…now I look at the years gone by, 
And wonder at the powers that be. 
I don’t know why fortune smiles on some 
And let’s the rest go free.”

I don’t know why, either. This past weekend I’ve thought a lot about the friends I made 35 years ago, some of the best friends I could ask for. Fortune has indeed smiled upon some of us, or all of us, because fortune is relative. Here’s the song:

3 thoughts on “Not a Sad Cafe for Us

  1. Thank you for sharing! Brings back such wonderful memories!! And you have such a great memory!! I can’t even remember the name of the street that we lived on.

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  2. Hi Martha, Just checking in to say, as always, I really enjoy it when you walk back to a time shared by both of us. Not being much of a drinker back in 1978-9, I didn’t spend so much time at Chemin de Fer, but the picture of Marie and Marcel certainly took me there. While we were not so close in Fribourg, I feel I know you so well now through your writing. I’ll call it one of life’s many missed opportunities. I’m so happy for you that you have achieved your dream/goal of becoming a writer. I know every one of us who follows your success and reads your vignettes in your blog are the richer for doing so. It’s another way you have kept the larger group together (no pressure). Keep it up. All the best, Mary Ellen


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