See What Happens When You Rush?

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That was my mom. Or sometimes my dad. Running through the backyard, running at the beach, on the playground. And what happened? A skinned knee, a banged-up elbow, and me, crying. “See what happens when you rush, Martha? Now slow down! Here, have a cookie.”

That was my teacher, after I was first to finish an assignment. Sure of myself, positive I’d see a “100” or an “A+” at the top of the paper, I was shocked to find I’d missed an easy question. “See what happens when you try to finish first, Martha? Now I know you’re capable. Next time, take your time. It’s not a contest to see who can finish first.”

That was me, today. After setting my own deadline for publication of my third novel, I rushed. I didn’t do what I counsel new writers to do – take your time. Read. Re-read. Read it out loud, slowly. And today, I read my ebook and found errors. And no one hates errors more than I do. Yep, a couple of typos, a couple of punctuation errors, one or two words that didn’t belong. Hey, maybe you’ll find them, maybe you won’t. I still believe it’s a good story, and some readers aren’t troubled by a few small(ish) errors. But I am. My name is on the book, and it’s supposed to be the best it can be.

I fixed the digital file, and I corrected the print version. But for all of you who were so kind to purchase the book this past weekend, in either version, thank you and I’m sorry. Next time – no deadline. It’s done when it’s done.

7 thoughts on “See What Happens When You Rush?

  1. Not that it’s a book, I posted a type-O in my blog post title the other day…it didn’t come up when the spell check went through it! Your books rock, Martha! My mom read the newest over the weekend and said it was fantastic!


  2. You’re human. I love how you related this to problems resulting from rushing as a child. It’s so true!! And anyone who knows you (or even e-knows you) know you’re NOT okay with errors. We still love ya!


  3. I was so caught up in the story and the characters I didn’t catch anything. I will watch more closely the next time. (Just kidding.)


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