My Third Novel

Cover Design by StanzAlone Design
Cover Design by StanzAlone Design

In a departure from the “chocolate” series, my third novel, which I’m releasing this Sunday, is about a high school reunion. Here’s the blurb:

How much really changes in 25 years?  Former classmates are poised to find out as their first-ever high school reunion gets closer. Some lives have improved, some have soured, but all remained connected by their shared West Alton High past…

Once the target of ridicule, one-time “ugly duckling” Kellie has transformed in both beauty and attitude, though her fears and fragility remain as deep scars within. Will facing those who once wronged her help or do even more damage to her delicate psyche? Joe was adored by everyone in school. Well…almost everyone. Being gay in a close-minded small town, he knew he had no future in West Alton, so right after graduation, he traded one ocean for another. Now an Oscar-winning Hollywood director, Joe is ready to return. Except that it means having to face the horrific event that ultimately pushed him away… Former cheerleader Cherry planned this reunion to make peace with those she may have wronged in school. But as she faces cancer and stares down her own mortality, will she really be able to make things right again? And then there’s Scott, the West Alton “lifer,” who’s been collecting a disability pension from the town for a suspicious back injury, among other questionable life choices. Are his reasons for wanting to attend the reunion pure? Or does he have another agenda? As the months count down, long-kept secrets will be revealed as the question ever looms… Can you ever really go home again?

Now, I didn’t graduate from high school in 1988, but I remember 1988 for many things: a milestone birthday, a new job, a new apartment. Also, a bad relationship, escalating debt, and the frustration over not doing what I wanted to do (write books). Fast forward 25 years (really fast, believe me) and I’m set to release my third novel in a little over a year. Yes, I’m writing quickly (you write quickly and edit slowly) – I’m finally doing what I love, and sometimes it seems I can’t write fast enough!

The book is available through Amazon, both in digital and print versions. I would very much like to be featured in my beloved independent bookstores, too – just sayin.’ Anyway, I hope you like the book. I thought it was an important story to tell.

14 thoughts on “My Third Novel

  1. Sounds intriguing– can’t wait to read it! In 1988 I have birth to my first child, my best friend and light of my life, my son, Logan. I missed my 10 year high school reunion because I had just taken him, at 3 weeks old to my sister’s wedding many miles away and the reunion was just as many miles away the very next weekend. And each one since has been some similar stumbling block. I can’t wait to read about what I may have been missing! I hope it’s a best-seller, Miss Martha!


  2. Something to look forward to this weekend as summer ends and autumn begins…my favorite time of year!! So excited for you Martha! I enjoy your writing immensely


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