Will She Win?


A young woman named Theresa Vail is competing this weekend in the Miss America pageant. She’s 22, a sergeant in the US Army, an M16 marksman, a bow hunter, and a mechanic. And she sports two rather large tattoos on her torso, which will be visible during the swimsuit competition.

She says she “loves breaking stereotypes.” One of the tattoos is the Serenity Prayer, the other is the US Army Dental Corps insignia.

Miss Vail originally planned to show off her marksmanship skills for the talent portion of the competition. She was going to shoot some bows, but two days prior, she was informed that “projectile objects” are forbidden. Oh no!

So, within 48 hours of finding out she couldn’t show off her archery skills, she learned opera. She sang “Nessun Dorma” (made popular by Pavarotti). That drew attention to Theresa Vail.

What do you think? Is America ready for a tattooed Miss America? Is you were one of the judges, would it matter to you?

The 2013 Miss America pageant airs Sunday, Sept. 15 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

5 thoughts on “Will She Win?

  1. Interesting question – I don’t know that it would make a difference to me but I will be curious to see how the judges react. She is a beautiful and strong woman.


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