After the Fourth

photo by M. Reynolds
photo by M. Reynolds

Is summer over? Just kidding, I know it’s just begun. But you’ll be seeing after-summer clearance sales and back-to-school specials soon enough. What’s the rush?

We had a long, hard winter in New England, so most people couldn’t wait for summer. Even spring was chilly by some folks’ standards (I enjoyed spring this year – a drawn-out march to late June). Now we’re in the middle of a heat wave, and, of course, there are plenty of people complaining. I am of one them, but then again, I wasn’t wishing for 90 degrees last March.

Yesterday I was fortunate to spend the day on the water, more specifically, Fishers Island Sound, from Mystic to Fishers Island. We spent time in three states: Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York, and it was a sweet escape from the oppressive heat.

This morning, I stood at the kitchen sink, washing a pot I was too lazy to clean last night, and I’m sure I noticed a subtle change in the light. Shadows danced against the side of the house, but it looked almost fall-like. No, that couldn’t be, not on July 5th. Still eleven weeks of ‘technical’ summer to go, but you know as well as I that, once we hit August, we’re in the wake of summer.

photo by M. Reynolds
photo by M. Reynolds

6 thoughts on “After the Fourth

  1. I love the long days of summer too. They are one of the things that I really miss. The changing of the seasons, the lengthening and shortening of the days. Here in Indonesia it gets dark and light at the same time every day of the year 6am -6pm which is rather boring! And the weather stays pretty constant too. Around 33 is the average so not boiling hot, but it’s VERY humid which makes it uncomfortable (I think I told you about the sweaty cleavage problem before?) This year the weather has been different as the rainy season which normally stops in April and then doesn’t appear again until November, has gone on and on. It’s been raining almost every day and it’s now July. I have a horrible feeling that this may well be to do with global warming.

    We were in Portugal a couple of weeks ago and the weather was glorious, around the same temperature as here but no humidity so a lovely, bone warming dry heat.

    Have a great weekend Martha whatever you are doing! 🙂


    1. We’re right in the midst of a heat wave now – very hot and humid. I hate it! Yes, everything is drenched in sweat. I cannot wait until September, and your Zportugl is sounding lovely! xx


  2. My kids go back to school in mid-August, so we’re already way past the halfway mark of summer, even though in some parts of the country, kids have just finished their last day of the 2012-2013 school year. It’s trippy. I’m one of those people who wishes summer could last forever…


    1. Kids shouldn’t go back to school until after Labor Day! It’s just not right (even though you may be secretly happy). Summer probably lasts longer in Missouri. I’m really not complaining, though (writing keeps me indoors anyway) 🙂


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