Tempeh and Seitan

Thursday was one of those days where I convinced my husband to take a break. It’s important (to me, at least) that he have one day where he’s not caring for elderly and/or dying people. Weekends at Hospice, weekdays for his father. The guy needs a day off! And this week it was Thursday.

Korean tacos www.forkintherhode.com
Korean tacos

He slept. He read the newspaper. He took his dog for a romp in the park. And later in the day, we went to the Garden Grille Café. No, we’re not vegans (I was for eleven days in 2010) or vegetarians, but this restaurant is just so good! We started out sharing the Korean Tacos. Every time I’m inside this place, I order the Korean Tacos. They’re made with tempeh, cabbage, sweet chili sauce, Sriracha mayo, guacamole, and salsa, wrapped in a small flour tortilla. Just perfect. I followed that with a seitan and mushroom burger that was out of this world! If you’re ever in or near Pawtucket, you have to go to the Garden Grille. You’ll thank me later. I could do vegetarian if their chef made my meals.

6 thoughts on “Tempeh and Seitan

  1. Days off are a MUST! Poor Jim, it sounds like he’s really having a tough time of it but how wonderful that he has you to support him 🙂 I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian. I couldn’t even entertain the idea of being vegan but, I could be vegetarian if Irishman didn’t so insist on having meat all the time. This restaurant that you went to sounds right up my street, metaphorically speaking of course! My favourite food in the world is Indian and apart from tandoori chicken, which I adore, I could happily live on indian vegetable dishes day in day out! In fact right now I’m making chana masala and judging from the amount of chick peas that I’ve soaked I may well be having it for 3 days running! Thanks for your sweet tweet yesterday dear Martha, it made my day XXX


  2. Mark and I visit the Garden Grille nearly every weekend. I echo your sentiments on the Korean Tacos. Typically we split: Reggie’s Raw Heaven, Avocado and Butternut Squash Quesadilla and the fresh local veggies or greens of the day.


  3. Sounds absolutely luscious, Martha! I was a vegetarian for two days until the thought of never having a hamburger again became all consuming. But I do enjoy going meatless every now and then and I have recently added Sriracha sauce to my kitchen inventory.
    I would love to try this restaurant. AND so glad your husband agreed to a day off. Mental health days are not a luxury, they are a necessity!


    1. I really think you’d like it, Donna. In my post, I link to their website, so you can check out the menu. I wish there was one in the West Bay!
      And yes, mental health days are vital. xx


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