Music Monday

The novel I’m presently writing is set in the present day, but it’s about a high school class’s 25-year reunion. The class of ’88. So for inspiration, I’ve been listening to some great 80’s music (love 80’s music!). And by watching videos, I see (questionable) fashion and hairstyles (the perms!).

“Every Time You Go Away” was written by Darryl Hall (of Hall and Oates, one the most prominent duos of the 80’s), but Paul Young made it a hit in 1985. A number one hit, and it was his big American moment. Paul Young has had better and longer-lasting success in his native Britain, and appeared on the “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” song and video for Band Aid. He, like Darryl Hall, was considered a “white soul” singer.

I found this version of “Every Time You Go Away” recorded by Darryl Hall and Todd Rundgren, recorded in Hawaii as part of a celebration of Todd Rundgren’s 65th birthday. I don’t think there’s a better version out there.

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