Reflections on the April A to Z Challenge

And…done. The April challenge ended on Tuesday with my “Z is for Zermatt” post. Big sigh. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, followed, read, commented. It meant a lot to me that my efforts were noticed.
And I tell myself that next year I’ll be more prepared. The timing just made it a little more difficult for me this year, as my second novel, CHOCOLATE FONDUE, released on March 31st. So while I was trying to do some promotion for the book, I was posting every day (but Sunday). I’d planned up to about “J” before the challenge began, but, as most of us know too well, time has a way of escaping, especially when you need it most. So I’d scramble to try to get a few posts up on a Sunday afternoon.
One thing I did that was helpful: I scheduled the posts to publish at five minutes after midnight. This way, I could proof everything at night before I went to bed, and I didn’t have to rush to get the post out in the morning. Also, if there were readers outside of the United States, I wanted them to have a chance at catching the post early.
One of my friends told me she didn’t know how I could top this theme. I have some ideas! But for now, I’m back to being a reluctant self-promoter.

4 thoughts on “Reflections on the April A to Z Challenge

  1. I am going to prepare all year, and pick a theme! You can always keep them in draft, and have them all ready to go, that way you don’t feel all stressed out!! I was pretty much prepared ahead of time, but I will be more so next year. Loved it, was fun!!


  2. You deserve a medal Super Writer Woman! I know it’s been a huge amount of hard work for you, but I’ve really enjoyed reading your A-Z posts and I’ve looked forward to seeing the next days instalment bob up in my in-box. Thank you Martha xxx
    p.s I bought a load of e-books a while back and am still getting through them. As soon as I’ve finished the last one, I promise Chocolate Fondue will be my next purchase. I can’t wait to find out what happens when she goes back……..


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