I’m happy to be featured on Kate Eileen Shannon’s blog today!

Kate Eileen Shannon

I am going to start a new occasional feature on the blog, Author Interviews. And to start it off, I have Martha Reynolds, the author of CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST and the newly released CHOCOLATE FONDUE as a guest today. Martha writes what she calls “Real True Fiction”. I like the sound of that!

I thought we would start with a couple of questions about your writing process, Martha. Do you have a routine you follow daily?

I try to write every day. Because writing is my full-time job, I usually can write from nine to noon each morning. I do make an effort to get up from the computer each hour, and at noon, I walk around the block a couple of times to clear my head.

How do you keep yourself motivated to write?

I only began writing two years ago, and there are a lot of stories in…

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  1. Hi Martha, I just joined a book club. Can I reccommend “Chocolate For Breakfast” (which I’ve yet to read)? Is it available in paperback in England for those who don’t have Kindles?


      1. Thank you! As I said, I’ve yet to read it myself (so many books, so little time!) but I’ll definitely get to that soon 🙂


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