Oh! The Places I’ve Been – “L” is for LONDON

Almost halfway through the A to Z Challenge! I hope you’re enjoying your armchair travels. As I stated back at “A is for Austin,” there are many people who have traveled farther and wider than I. And one of them is my new friend Lottie Nevin. Man, I just adore this woman, and we’ve never met. Just follow her blog and you’ll understand.

Besides being a wonderful blogger, Lottie is a most talented photographer. These are her photographs, and I couldn’t be happier to share them with you.

My husband and I traveled to London in late 1997, just months after the tragic death of Princess Diana (and every window had something with her smiling face: a coffee mug, a sweatshirt, a canvas book tote). We had a fabulous time and I did take photos, but on film, and I couldn’t find the prints anywhere. Hence my friend Mrs. Nevin to the rescue.

Thames and Tower Bridge - photo by Lottie Nevin
Thames and Tower Bridge – photo by Lottie Nevin

The highlight of our trip to London was the Tower, for sure. Oh, there’s plenty to see. You all know that – Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s, Parliament, all of it. Yes, see it all. But one thing few people know about is the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower. Not to be missed.

Trafalgar Square - photo by Lottie Nevin
Trafalgar Square – photo by Lottie Nevin

Now, English food has received a bad rap over the years, and I understand. Bubble ‘n’ Squeak, Bangers and Mash, Spotted Dick. Poor chaps. But listen! They have the best Indian food around! Eat curries!

The Globe Pub, Southbank - photo by Lottie Nevin
The Globe Pub, Southbank – photo by Lottie Nevin

Besides eating great (!) food and walking through churches, you must go to the theatre. We had the extraordinary experience of seeing the legendary Jim Dale star in Oliver! at the London Palladium.

Berwick Street, Doho - photo by Lottie Nevin
Berwick Street, Soho – photo by Lottie Nevin
Phone boxes, Hanover Square - photo by Lottie Nevin
Phone boxes, Hanover Square – photo by Lottie Nevin

London was fantastic, but we did travel away from the capital. Leeds Castle, Dover, Windsor, Canterbury – time will run out long before your list of “must-see’s” is finished.

6 thoughts on “Oh! The Places I’ve Been – “L” is for LONDON

  1. When I was in London over Easter, our first order of business was happy hour. We’d dropped our bags in our hotel in Soho and walked towards Shafsbury Ave.
    Like a couple of Goldielocks’ the first pub we entered, we deemed to be “too full.” The second was “too smelly.” The third, however, was “just right.”
    I went to the bar to grab a Hendricks and Tonic for each of us. When I returned i noticed that a number of men in the pub were checking my husband out. This isn’t strange as he’s slender and handsome and this is Soho, afterall. The pub’s plaque behind him told it’s history. Since 1960 it was apparently a gay pub. My husband admitted that we were now officially spoilt and would need to only frequent gay pubs in London from then on.
    Truthfully, a visit to a pub in Camden town next day was pretty disappointing.


  2. You make me blush Martha Reynolds! Thank you for your lovely comments and for sharing your great London post with us all. I LOVE London! and I’m so happy that you and Jim had a great time. Yes, stay well away from the Spotted Dick and head off to Brick Lane for a curry or any of the wonderful Italian restaurants for some fantastic Italian food. XXX


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