Oh! The Places I’ve Been – “G” is for GRUYERES

Ah, Gruyères. We hitchhiked to the town from Fribourg (Switzerland). It was easy to get a car to stop for two girls. Even the guy who drove us was harmless, although he believed that by giving us a ride, he was entitled to spend the afternoon with us. Gruyères is just 20 miles from Fribourg. You can take a train from Fribourg – it stops in Bulle and arrives about an hour later. It’s a medieval town just made for photographs and its castle, now a museum, dates back to the 13th century.

At the base of the hill, we toured the cheese factory and breathed in the heady aroma of cheese-in-the-making. Then we climbed up and up to the village at the top of the hill. There, you can eat more cheese, followed by fresh fruit smothered in thick cream, and finish with some chocolate. Hey, you’re walking, it’s all good.

Photo by M. Reynolds
Photo by M. Reynolds
photo by M. Reynolds
photo by M. Reynolds

10 thoughts on “Oh! The Places I’ve Been – “G” is for GRUYERES

  1. It seems so cool to think about it then, but today? Nobody in their right mind would hitch-hike or pick up a hitch-hiker. I have more than my share of hitchhiker stories; some are funny; some not so much!


  2. A tour of a cheese factory? Hiking in the sunshine with delicious cheese and fruit and chocolate? I think you’ve found Heaven on Earth – that sounds like my ideal day!


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