Chocolate Fondue Cover Reveal

I’m just so excited to share the cover of my second novel, CHOCOLATE FONDUE, with you.  Lyn Stanzione, of Stanzalone Design, created my cover, and it’s just what I wanted! Lyn creates covers for e-books and printed volumes, and since I’m hoping to have both versions available for this book (if I can get through the blasted formatting – I’m a writer, not a techie!), Lyn creates both. Thanks to my friend Eileen Shannon for the recommendation, and I’m glad to have a fellow Rhode Islander as my designer.

Final Cover Amazon

When CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST was published, I didn’t include those two little words – “a novel” – underneath the title, and one reviewer actually noted that she’d hoped it was more about chocolate. Well, just in case anyone thought they’d be getting a cookbook (filed on Amazon under Fiction, Contemporary), I added those words.

Hoping for an early April release – of course, you’ll all know when it happens!

15 thoughts on “Chocolate Fondue Cover Reveal

    1. I’m in! But I’m starting to the A-Z Blog Challenge tomorrow, so I’d better do it today. The book should be up and available in a week or two (I’ll mention that). Thank you!


  1. Book number two! How exciting for you as an author and for we readers. I suggest settling in to read it after Raclette for dinner, and a nice glass of white wine and some dark chocolate.


  2. Wow – look forward to reading it! Happy St. Patty’s Day! Are you cooking corn beef and cabbage? I am and Jon is bringing Ginny over. Can’t wait to eat!!


    Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 02:15:18 +0000 To:


  3. Looks great, Martha. I’m looking forward to reading it. Funny about the other book and chocolate. It never occurred to me it might be about chocolate!


  4. I love it! Told you Lyn was great. And I feel for you with the formatting. I am struggling with it now. And I used to think I was very techie. I can use GIS and map an entire city down to the last fire hydrant but formatting a manuscript is somehow beyond me!


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