Gratitude = Giving It Away

This long weekend, from Friday to Sunday, my début novel, CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST, is free on Amazon. It’s an opportunuity for me, a still rather unknown author, to garner more readers by giving it away. Download my book here.

Rather than delve into the pros and cons of participating in Amazon’s exclusivity program, I would rather express my gratitude to the many people who already have downloaded or borrowed my book, read it, given me positive feedback, and/or posted a review on Amazon.

I’ve learned a lot since embarking on this writing journey last year. I believe my next two books (one still tentatively titled “The Reunion” and the other, a sequel to CFB, presently called “Chocolate Fondue”) will be better than my first, because as a writer, I’m challenging myself and writing every single day. I set aside “The Reunion” this month, as I am taking part in National Novel Writing Month, and working only on “Chocolate Fondue.” I’ve written nearly 60,000 words since November 1st!

There are many more books to be written. Believe me, I’ll die before I run out of stories. Thank you for believing in me! Now go get yourself a free copy.

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