Twitter’s Long Reach

This past Sunday, October 14, I was featured on Carolyn Arnold’s “Celebrating Authors” blog. I was grateful for the mention, and the link to my book.  What happened in the next few days was totally unexpected.

Carolyn’s blog went up on Twitter. I retweeted it to my 1,800 or so followers. Since October 14, this blog post about my book was retweeted by 58 people (there may have been more, but I counted 58 – so far). Those 58 people retweeted it, with a link to the post, to their followers. I did a quick check to see how many followers of those 58 people received the retweet, and I’ve got 452,833 people – so far.

Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that nearly half a million people read the post, or the interview. But let’s say just 5% of all those people read the post. That’s 22,641 people who saw the mini-interview and caught the Amazon link to CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST. And of all those people, let’s say only 1% were interested enough to buy the book. That’s still over two hundred books sold. Of course, I’m an optimist, so I dream of many more sales!

But the point here is Twitter works. At the very least, I was the lucky recipient of an extraordinary ripple effect, and no matter how it translates to book sales, I am appreciative for the visibility to others.

5 thoughts on “Twitter’s Long Reach

  1. It’s nice to see something positive and worthwhile being tweeted and re-tweeted, instead of the usual inane banter that makes up most of the twitterverse!


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