It’s not time to change the clocks yet – that’s almost a month away (November 4th for the US). We’ll have a brighter morning (for a little while) and darkness will fall a lot sooner! On those weekends, one in the fall and one in the spring, I walk through the house advancing or decreasing the clocks. And we have a few:


This one is on the wall of our bedroom. We bought it in Wickford, at a shop that has gone out of business. It complements the white, distressed bedroom furniture and reminds me of Bermuda. Even though I’ve never been to Bermuda.


This is Jim’s alarm clock. I don’t need one anymore! He sets it for 4:30 on weekend mornings, because he has two long days and hates to rush, but he’s almost always awake before the alarm goes off with its annoying, persistent beep-beep-beep.


This little one hangs on the wall in our bathroom upstairs. It doesn’t seem to work anymore, but I don’t care. It’s heavy brass with little nautical flags around it, and I like it.

On the piano

This little battery-operated clock sits on the piano I rarely play anymore. It was a wedding gift from one of my mother’s friends, and it fits in anywhere. I just pull the whole face off and change the battery when it slows down.

This clock is in our downstairs bathroom. It looks like it belongs on a boat, doesn’t it? We bought this one in Wickford, too, probably around the time we thought we’d have a boat. Then we realized we’d need a boat guy, too. So we have the clock.

Chelsea Shipstrike Clock and Barometer

This was, I think, the gift I gave to my husband on our 10-year wedding anniversary. It has to be wound every week, and he gets a little recalcitrant with that sometimes. He silenced the chime because the dog went crazy every time she heard it.

Kitchen clock

This one came out a bit blurry. It sits high above the window over our kitchen sink, and says “Chateauneuf-du-Pape” on it, like the label from an exquisite bottle of wine. Also from Wickford (seems like every time we were there we had to buy a clock!). The clock is great, but I’d rather have the wine!

Bonnie Raitt sings in “Nick of Time” ‘life gets mighty precious, the less there is to waste.’  Don’t we know it!  A clock will let you know what time it is, but not how to spend it. Enjoy the weekend!

6 thoughts on “Time

  1. I’ve got one little one my mom gave me one year and it still works. I hate how when I go outside to the car in the morning and it’s still dark which makes me think I should still be sleeping.


  2. Martha, I loved the guided tour of the clocks in your house and the story behind each one. What a great idea for a post and very original – very Martha in fact!
    Yes, this time thing, I find endlessly fascinating but also a bit scary. It seems that the more happy and content one is, the faster the days, weeks and months flash by. Really it should work the other way?
    The clocks don’t change here in Indonesia, but in the UK they go back one hour at the end of October which means instead of a 7hr time difference, there will soon be an 8hr one between our time zones. That one hour makes life quite difficult if you are trying to call or skype loved ones especially if they are at school or in the office and can’t speak to you during working/study hours. It makes the physical distance between us seem even greater.
    You’ve inspired me to write a post about time in Indonesia, thank you Martha xxx


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