To Be Free or Not?

It wasn’t an easy decision. Should I use some of the free days allotted to me by being in the Kindle Select (exclusive to Amazon) program for 90 days? That’s one of the benefits, if you call it that. Five free days to give away your book to whoever wants it.

One half of me thought, ‘I worked so hard on this book, spent a lot of money on editing, formatting, and besides, this is my full-time job now. I haven’t had a paycheck in over a year – why would I want to give away something I’d worked so hard to create and perfect?’

The other half said, ‘But the purpose of writing a book is for that book to be read, by as many people as possible. So even if you have to give it away, you’ll gain more exposure, and maybe (maybe!) those readers, if they like this book, will want to read your next novel.’

This past month was heady – because a lot of friends and family members downloaded my book and provided wonderfully positive feedback. They posted terrific reviews on Amazon. They shared the link with their own friends and helped me to promote it. Even some strangers let me know how much they liked it. It feels pretty good!

But now that we’re past the first month, it’s time to get this book noticed by people who don’t know me. So I’m on board with the free promotion, for today and tomorrow. If you haven’t had the chance to read “Chocolate for Breakfast” yet, here’s a great opportunity! If you had, you can gift it to someone you know.

Get it here:

6 thoughts on “To Be Free or Not?

  1. Hi Martha, I am a friend/co-worker (oh sorry, former co-worker!) of your sister Ann and was dissapointed i was unable to download your book. I was away for the weekend but i will look for it on Amazon. I really enjoy reading your blog and hope you continue writing with many years of success!! I have ‘liked’ you on facebook and will spread the word …keep up the good work!! i look forward to reading it… Jackie 🙂


  2. Ms. Reynolds, I’m one of the strangers who downloaded your book on Amazon. It was beautifully written and quite a surprise. I read the whole book this afternoon and evening and had a difficult time putting it down. I’ll await more of your work and will pay for it most happily. Your writing talent is a gift; it’s hard work, too, but you have a fine voice, which is a pleasure to read.


      1. Martha, I posted a very positive review on Amazon. I pray that your book sells well and that you have another in the pipeline. Quite frankly, I was a little stunned at how powerful your writing is. It’s not often that a book’s emotional intensity and place rings true . Yours did in almost all respects. I wish you a long and brilliant career. I hope you saw the wonderful film which my last sentence references. 😉


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