(I’m kind of happy to be) Saying Goodbye to Summer

Today my friend John Walsh wrote about the assumed end of summer in his always-brilliant blog post. Read it here:  http://johnwalshcopy.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/saying-goodbye-to-summer/

John, I’m not sad to say goodbye to summer. I know, I know. I can hear it now: “Martha, are you nuts?” “You want winter, and all that snow and slush?” “The shorter days?” (Okay, I’ll give in on that one. I do enjoy twelve to fourteen hours of daylight.) But not the heat, the humidity.

It’s not my fault. My people came from England and Ireland. There’s no Mediterranean blood in me, even if my culinary taste does lean towards Italian, Greek, and Provençal. Fortunately, I’m married to a man who feels the same way I do; otherwise, there would be big trouble. We’ve run the air conditioning for months now, it seems, and I look forward to that first day – you know, that first day when the breeze is brisk and chilly. When I can open all the windows. When I dig out the sweatshirts.

Tomorrow is September 2nd, and I’ll hit the beach. Channel 12 says sunny, dry, and 77 degrees. I hoping for ten degrees cooler at East Matunuck.

6 thoughts on “(I’m kind of happy to be) Saying Goodbye to Summer

  1. After living in Arizona for 25 years, I have to say that I am completely OVER summer in the desert. We have yet another lovely high of 105 here today, and I am calling UNCLE! Sadly, the weather goes on like this well into September, and even October. No relief here until after Halloween!


  2. Martha, you know where i stand on this one. I love the long summer days, flip flops, and just relaxing on the beach. I m sorry to see my summer end. I got to enjoy Summer, this was the first time in 20yrs I was out of work, didn’t like the Moon Cast but I adjusted well. Now I head back to work and fall is kicking at the back door. UUUGGG Keep up your post love them! Oh, look for me at East Matunuck Ill be the one floating toes up in the Ocean.


  3. Hope you get the ten degrees cooler — hope I do, too, as I move my son to college! Thanks so much for sharing the link to my post. Totally understand your temperature temperament. While I am half-Irish, half-Italian, I did spend a semester in Dublin and remember a friend there saying to me: “John, it was I in the 80s this summer — it was ghastly!” Clearly she had never been to Scarborough in August. Enjoy the long weekend — always look forward to your posts!


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