My Guest Interview

What a thrill to be interviewed for this blog! Thank you, Isabella Louise Anderson, for the opportunity.

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There’s an opportunity to win a copy of my e-book, but on the original blog only.

Chick Lit Goddess

Bio of Martha Reynolds: She’s a graduate of Providence College and studied at the Universite de Fribourg in Switzerland. Martha returned to Switzerland numerous times and is always looking forward to her next trip. Recently, she ended an accomplished career as a fraud investigator (many stories to tell!) and now writes full-time. Martha and her husband, and their little dog Bonnie, live in Rhode Island, never far from the ocean.

Q & A with Martha Reynolds

Describe yourself in five sentences:  I’m living proof that it’s never too late to pursue a dream. Even when I was doing something I didn’t like, I always tried to do it well. When I stopped looking for the perfect man, I found the right man. I inherited my mother’s propensity to gain weight, and (fortunately) my father’s sense of humor. I have an older sister and a younger sister; yep, classic middle child.

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One thought on “My Guest Interview

  1. Martha Reynolds you are some lady! I loved reading your interview – it flowed well and gave me ‘the reader’ a sense of you as a person. You mentioned the protein shake but I think you should have also mentioned that you make the best chicken in the world too. Great stuff Lovely, and onwards and upwards, and every success to you with your writing. I for one am hooked xxx


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