Quilts (Mom)

Today I will remember my mom by sharing some of her beautiful work.

Love Blue Ring by Joyce Handy Reynolds
Jack o’Lantern by Joyce Handy Reynolds
Shoo Fly Star by Joyce Handy Reynolds

18 thoughts on “Quilts (Mom)

  1. Martha, nice work by Mom!! And if you’ve never made a quilt, you’d never know how hard it was to make Love Blue Rings. She was very talented!!


  2. Martha, your Ma’s patchwork is beautiful. I’m sure she would be tickled pink to know that it is now being displayed all over the World via your wonderful blog. One of my favourite museums in England is the American Museum in Bath


    They have a fantastic display of old American patchwork quilts there. If ever you are over in the UK, go to Bath and check it out 🙂


  3. What a beautiful tribute to your mom and her talents. Made me think of my mom and her art of knitting and crocheting. Her true talent was that she never used a pattern, but rather created one of a kind masterpieces on her own.


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