Chill Out

It’s really hot here (I know, it’s hot everywhere, and we’re fortunate to at least get rain every now and then).  Too hot for a post, and besides, I’m in my final edits now, so instead, I’ll simply share a photograph that I took in March 2007.  This is Gornergrat, the last stop on the railway from Zermatt in Switzerland.   The summit is 3,089 meters, or about 10,134 feet above sea level.  Yes, the air is thin!  So gaze upon this picture and feel the cold.

photo by Martha Reynolds

5 thoughts on “Chill Out

  1. I’ve been through Switzerland on a train, but never stayed there which is a shame because I know that it is very beautiful AND Swiss chocolate is beyond blissful. Great photo Martha and thanks for sharing. I hope that the final editing goes well, I’m so looking forward to reading your book. Lottie xo


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