D is for Ronnie Dunn

Unless you’re a fan of country music, you may not recognize the name Ronnie Dunn.  How about Brooks and Dunn?  The duo, formed in 1991, released fifty singles, and twenty of them hit number one on the country charts.  Together, they dominated country music awards for years.

I didn’t listen to country music until I met my husband in 1994, but he liked it, so I started listening.  I won’t say I love everything that is country music, the same way I don’t love all classical or all jazz.  But this is about Ronnie Dunn, and a song he co-wrote with Craig Wiseman, called BELIEVE.

Craig Wiseman tells a story about when he met Ronnie Dunn.  They got to chatting and Wiseman told Dunn that his wife was a minister.  Dunn mentioned that he’d considered becoming a Baptist preacher at one point, and the conversation led to heaven, angels, and eternity.  Wiseman talked about a woman he’d met, a woman of profound faith, who’d inspired him to start a song, but Wiseman had only the beginning of the chorus (“I raise my hands…”).  It would be months before the song was completed, by Dunn, and recorded by Brooks and Dunn.  When Wiseman heard the cut, he was stunned by the power of the lyrics.  It’s here for you to listen.  It’s over four minutes, so listen when you have the time.  It’s worth your four minutes today.



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