I’d Like to Thank the Academy….

Well, my blogging friend and fellow Alan Rickmaniac Turber has nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award.  Since it’s the first award I’ve ever received for writing, I’ll take it, even though I understand it’s handed out quite randomly and frequently.  No matter.


There are rules for accepting the award (no free lunch in this town, baby).  So, I would like to thank my buddy Turber http://looserornot.wordpress.com/ who found me after my post about seeing the fabulous Alan Rickman in “Seminar” on Broadway.

I’m supposed to share seven things about myself.  Yikes.  Haven’t I shared enough in these posts?

OK.  (1) I love writing.  (2)  I love reading.  (3)  I hope my eyes don’t fail me.  (4)  I spend too much time sitting.  (5)  I hope my first book doesn’t suck.  (6)  I hope people realize it’s fiction.  (7)  Writing sex scenes isn’t that difficult after all.
And I need to pass this award along.  So I will.


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