My husband and I, and our little canine child Bonnie, are driving to North Carolina later this month. Both of us have what is known as “wanderlust,” which is a word that originated in German as meaning a love of hiking. Now its German equivalent would be Fernweh, which means literally, “an ache for distance.” We’re lucky that we both feel this way! Circumstances have prevented us from traveling more: his job, my job, our dog, his father. Both of us think we could live as nomads, happily moving from one state, or even country, to another.

This trip had a purpose when we planned it – we were going to look at real estate and make serious inquiries about relocating to northwestern North Carolina, bordering on Virginia and close to the Blue Ridge Mountains. We researched and decided to stay for the duration in the town of Mount Airy, just minutes from the border with Virginia, and the hometown of Andy Griffith. In fact, Mount Airy was the inspiration for the fictional town of Mayberry in “The Andy Griffith Show.” I’ve read that, while Mayberry was presumed to depict small-town Southern life in the late 50’s/early 60’s, Mr. Griffith said it actually was more like life in the 30’s. And today, in 2011, life is nothing like what it was on television in 1961. Still, there are “Mayberry Days” at the end of September in Mount Airy, where folks celebrate their favorite son, and Barney, Opie, Aunt Bee, Floyd, Goober, and Gomer. A simpler life, and perhaps something for people to embrace in times of uncertainty.

Well, we’ve realized that this trip should be a vacation, and nothing more, at least right now. It would be incredibly difficult and complicated to move at this time, and that’s okay. Our time will come, and maybe this area won’t be our choice – the only way to find out is to go, explore, drive around, chat with the locals. One step at a time!

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to some barbeque at the Snappy Lunch and a drive to Pilot Mountain.

2 thoughts on “Mayberry-bound

  1. Have an enjoyable trip! I just watched the old Stamp Family Reunion video w/my Dad today! From 1989 tlk about simpler times. It was wonderful to see ALL those that are no longer with us. Just to see them all smiling ! It was a fun day to remember forever!


  2. Hi Martha,
    Tom and I just passed through Mount Airy (Mount Pilot to us Andy lovers) on our way home from dropping our freshman daughter off at the University of SC, by way of Asheville NC. You might want to check out that town as well. It has great charm, lots of art and an incredible number of restaurants. Nice to see the Biltmore too. Have fun. ME


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