Let’s Meet for Coffee

Those four words together – spoken, written, or texted – hold promise and anticipation.
The phrase might mean – I have great news!
Or…I have something important to share with you.
Or….I need a friend today.  Or….can I bounce an idea off you and get your feedback?
Sometimes it’s a way to reconnect during a busy day – 30 minutes of catch-up time.

There are some great coffee shops in downtown Providence.  When I was working, I’d meet an old friend at the Café 101, just a short walk over the Crawford Street bridge.  Sometimes a graduating student would contact me to seek career advice, and we’d meet at the Cable Car, just a block away from my office.  There, Brown and RISD students traipse in and out, always with a cup in hand.  In the afternoon, I might take a walk to the trendy Starbucks in the financial district, where the bankers and brokers line up early for a Grande nonfat no-whip latte.  And there’s Au Bon Pain, Corporate Café, and the ubiquitous Dunkin’ Donuts.

Today I met a dear friend at, of all places, McDonald’s, right near home. I hadn’t been inside a McDonald’s in a very long time, but she assured me the coffee was good, and it was (and markedly less expensive than a venti iced macchiato at you-know-where).  No one bothers you (except the creepy young man who kept staring at my very attractive friend).  Good coffee, sure, but it’s the time together, catching up, laughing, reminiscing and pouring out some secrets that made the time so special and memorable.  In fact, the time passed much too quickly, and it was time for her to return to work.

I’m looking forward to meeting again, and, in the meantime, if you want to meet for coffee, just let me know.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Meet for Coffee

  1. Come to Felicia’s in EG. Great coffee, delicious muffins and lots of comfy places to sit and chat, inside or out!


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