Read to Write

I’ve had this book in my head for years, and it’s about time I draw it out of my memory and put it to paper (or on my monitor, then my thumb drive – well, you get the point). I don’t expect anyone other than my friends and family will read it, once it’s finally written, but then again, that’s what Kathryn Stockett thought when she wrote “The Help.” She said she never thought anyone would read it. And I feel that way, too. But I’ll still write my book.

I’m writing more now that I’m not working. The fact that I left my job is for another more dramatic and emotional blog, but when I was working I wasn’t able to write. My head was always somewhere else, even after I’d left work and come home.  Even on the weekends. Now, there’s a lot of free time, and I’m writing. Writing this blog every few days.  Starting a new blog, which I’ll mention once it’s up and running. Working on my book. I’m kind of busy! It’s understandable that writers want to hole up in a cabin, or in a deserted beach house in the middle of winter, to write. Few distractions. Here at home, even when my husband is out of the house, there is laundry, dog-walking. The telephone rings and a friend is checking in. But it’s not annoying, it’s just life.

For inspiration, I read. I read books by people who write the way I would like to write. And although I believe it’s a good thing to read a variety of books (biography, romance, science-fiction), for now I’ve been concentrating on the authors who have meaning for me as a wannabe writer. Those authors can be the warm blanket, the strong coffee, and sometimes, the light bulb.

Life is short! Turn the page.

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