Smile and Say……”Y” is for Yorkshire Blue

Smile and Say……”Y” is for Yorkshire Blue



I return to North Yorkshire, where I found Wensleydale cheese, to find Yorkshire Blue.

Yorkshire Blue is a traditional blue cheese made from 100% Yorkshire cow’s milk. Handcrafted, the cheese is matured over a period of 8 weeks during which the cheese is turned one at a time to ensure uniform blue veining and creaminess.  Upon ripening, the cheese is buttery, sweet and mild in flavor. Extended ageing will give the Yorkshire Blue a more pronounced flavor, but it will always remain mild & creamy. This moist and spreadable cheese can be crumbled or melted into soups, sauces and baking dishes.

I really wish I was in Yorkshire right about now.


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  1. Mmm, I like blue cheese, but a creamier, mild one sounds absolutely divine!

  2. My absolute favourite cheese!


  3. M,

    Go to Yorkshire all you want, but you better have your letter Z blog before you go! ; )

  4. This sounds wonderful! I like most bleu cheeses.

  5. Also hi from Yorkshire!!! My bit hasn’t been grey so much as sunshine and birdsong all day!! I’m not a fan of the blue cheese, but I’m still delighted with your Wensleydale post!!! Yum yum xx

  6. I love blue cheeses, but have not tried this one. You are making me crave some pasta with gorgonzola sauce.

  7. Greetings from Yorkshire and trust me you don’t want to be here today the weather is grey and miserable although not raining at the minute, possibly it is the amount of rain we have that leads to the cheese in question being blue, I have to confess not one of my favourite cheeses I much prefer Cheshire which you really should try if you ever get chance. Have loved the Cheesy A to Z :D

    • Greetings right back to you, Paula! We have the same weather here in southern New England. And I’m with you on the cheeses as well – would love to have a little Cheshire!

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